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Saaled National Update 2017

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Invitation to the SAALED annual dinner

With guest speaker Gcina Mhlope

We rise by uplifting others

About the guest speaker

Gcina Mhlophe is a well-known South African anti-apartheid activist, actress, storyteller, poet, playwright, director and author. Influenced by her grandmother’s tales when she was a child, Mhlophe’s written and performance talent has transported her from South Africa to South and North America to Europe, Greenland and Japan.

She has performed her stories in theatres like Royal Albert Hall , the Kennedy Centre in the US and collaborated with Ladysmith Black Mambazo on a children’s CD. She again worked with Ladysmith Black Mamabazo and Francis Bebey quartet in a unique production, Africa at the Opera, which toured Opera houses in Germany.

When: Tuesday, 24th July 2018 at 18h00

Where: Pridwin Preparatory School Auditorium

Entrance fee: R375

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Latest Courses on Learning Disabilities



Saturday Morning Workshop
10 March 2018
Crawford Preparatory Sandton, Benmore Road
Registration Fee R400 per person

8:00-8:30   Registration
8:30-9:30   Social Thinking: Moving beyond politeness
Selwyn Marx
9:30-10:30   Screen-time: What are the risks?
Dr Lizzie Harrison
10:30-11:00   Tea
11:00-12:30   Coping with Challenges
In the Know - Amanda Leigh, Jolene Knowles and Nicolette Louw

Download the registration form here

Social Thinking: Moving beyond politeness

Selwyn Marx

Research shows that two skill sets will set young adults apart for the world of work in the future: advanced problem solving abilities and highly developed social skills. We easily understand what is meant by problem solving even though we may have difficulty teaching the actual skill. Social skills, as a concept on the other hand does not enjoy such a common understanding. It is too easily confused with socialisation. Socialisation can be bad for us because it may simply “clothe” us in politeness. Equipping our children with a deep insight into social thinking will give them the edge in our multi – cultural world.

Selwyn Marx has been a school principal for 26 years and worked in both co-ed and monastic schools. He has spent some time lecturing at the Johannesburg College of Education. Selwyn has acquired a number of educational qualifications with a focus in Mathematics, English, Geography, Biblical Archaeology, Adult Education and Computer Assisted Education.


Screen-time: What are the risks?

Dr Lizzie Harrison

Dr Lizzie Harrison discusses the effect that screen-time is having on our children’s ability to learn, socialise and develop optimally. She gives guidelines as to what constitutes appropriate screen-time, along with advice on activities that can serve to balance the negative impact that screen-time is having on our young people today.

Dr Lizzie Harrison is a qualified medical doctor, with a degree in Neuroscience and Psychology. After completing her training at Cambridge University, she practiced medicine in the UK, with a particular interest in paediatrics. She has travelled all over South Africa, educating children, parents and teachers on the dangers facing children in today’s society, particularly with regards to social media, technology use, bullying and inappropriate sexual activity. She is a published author in the field of social media and bullying as well as being an expert in the sphere of mental health of children. Her most recent book, Selfies, Sexts and Smartphones, which she co-authored, is a huge success and has widely become known as the go-to handbook for parents and children in regard to technology. Lizzie specialises in issues affecting children today, in terms of learning, development, mental and physical health. She has a particular interest in the influence of technology and social media in the lives of young people. In her spare time, she dotes on her menagerie of dogs and horses and drinks the (very occasional) glass of wine.


Coping with Challenges

Amanda Leigh, Jolene Knowles and Nicolette Louw

Children are often faced with challenges at school and home from managing difficult work and disappointing results, to social conflict and unfair interactions. How parents and teachers respond to distressed children can make matters worse for them in the long run. With the very best of intentions adults often step in too soon to ‘fix’ the situation or rescue a child from their difficulties. Helping children to avoid difficult situations does not work! Research shows that children who experience challenges but learn over time to find ways to deal with them independently, cope better and become more competent, confident and successful.

This talk explores alternative ways for adults to respond to children who are facing challenges. It provides tools and strategies that can be used in the classroom and at home.

IN THE KNOW was founded by Amanda Leigh, Jolene Knowles and Nicolette Louw in late 2014. Mandy and Jo are both qualified teachers and Educational Psychologists and Nicky is a Speech-Language Therapist & Audiologist. Together, they have more Than 40 years’ experience in private practice and in pre-primary and primary schools.

All three share a passion for teacher and parent training. In The Know strives to present up to date research together with easy to implement tools for all who attend their talks and courses. They have trained in numerous schools on topics including: Anxiety; Bullying; Teacher Burnout; Discipline & Behaviour Management; Language underlies Learning; Listening; Girls vs Boys and Thinking Skills.

Download the registration form here




Accredited By the British Dyslexia Association (BDA)


This course affords Educators and Health Professionals training in identifying risk for literacy or Dyslexic-type difficulties, and intervention for individuals with Dyslexia.

The outcomes of the course are:

  • Understand Dyslexia and the theories of causality;
  • Understand “normal” literacy development and how the learner with Dyslexia differs;
  • Identify reading difficulties and evaluate risk for Dyslexia;
  • With mentoring develop and facilitate an individualised, structured programme with one learner for a twenty hour intervention;
  • Able to support inclusion of learners with Dyslexia.

All materials and facilitation are online. Candidates are expected to dedicate 5 hours per week for the online activities over 36 weeks. In addition, two assignments, the assessment and intervention will form part of the candidate’s assessment portfolio. Individual mentoring is provided for the profiling of reading difficulties or risk for dyslexia, and the intervention.

A limited number of candidates will be trained to ensure maximum attention.
Entry requirement is an appropriate professional qualification and a minimum of three years educational or therapeutic experience.

The course will run from September 2017 to May 2019.

  • The course fee is R31 270.00 per person. (Payment options are available on request.)
  • Candidates are expected to buy the core textbook and one standardised assessment tool, estimated at a total of R5000.00. They should have access to broadband internet, courier / postal service.
  • A non-refundable fee of R500 is payable on registration. Documentation will be reviewed to determine whether the entry requirements outlined above have been met.
  • For BDA accreditation (optional) candidates pay a separate fee of an estimated 80 pounds.
  • To register go to: AND send a detailed curriculum vitae to
  • Enrolment opens 07 July 2017 and closes 25 August 2017.
  • For enquiries contact Cindy Ebersey on 011 788-5454 or
  • Bellavista reserves the right to cancel this course, if there is insufficient interest.

You can register online at the link below: teracy-and-dyslexia-enrolment

Download the print ready details here



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